logoCV. Bali Ikan Hias is a provider of a variety marine tropical fish & Coral plant on Bali Island. Our experience as a best vendor Marine Tropical Fish in Bali has reached several years, starting from the initial small-scale when we start pioneering. Now, our office has been supported with sufficiently large breeding, which consists of a wide variety of marine tropcial fish. Each marine tropical Fish is breeding in sterilization sea water, in order to produce fish with the best quality.

The form of our company has become a CV (commanditaire vennootschap), which automatically prove the seriousness and our quality as a provider of Best Marine Tropical Fish in Bali. It also confirms our professionalism in processing your order. Starting from the process of packing, shipment, and arrive at your place. All these processes are monitored directly by our professional team.

We are here to accommodate the needs of you who have a hobby in collecting Marine Tropical fish. This hobby was already no longer a difficult thing to find, because there are many people have been carry out this hobby since many years ago. The goal is varied, starting as pets, to make your interior house more beautiful, or add a natural feel to the atmosphere in your home. Maintenance can be done by two ways, it is through the aquarium or special fish pond to make anyone inside the house feel the nuances. Especially for fish pond, usually equipped with the presence of coral plants and a fountain that flowed as the aerator (a provider of air bubbles for marine tropical fish).

Based on our experience in providing various kinds of Marine Tropical fish of the sea, the majority of fish are often sought is Angel Fish, Clown Fish (like in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’), Damsels, Hawkfish, Gobies & Blennies, etc. If you intend to obtain the best marine tropical fish right now, our team is ready to provide it to you. Further information can be obtained by sending an email to info@baliikanhias.biz